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Coimbatore is the fastest growing and the third largest city in Tamilnadu, India. It is situated on the banks of river 'NOYYAL' and "foothill of Queen of hills" Ooty. Ooty is just around 100Kms away from the Coimbatore city. Coimbatore city is called as Manchester of South India. Coimbatore beautiful another hill station Munnar in Kerala. Its just around 155Kms away from Coimbatore and had existed as 'Kongunad', ruled by Karikalan, first of the early Cholas during the 2nd or 3rd Century AD. The British baptized the city as Coimbatore, the name with which it is known today world over and short and sweetly referred to as 'KOVAI' in Tamil. The Climate is comfortable throughout the year as it is surrounded by the Western Ghats and people call it 'POORMANS' OOTY.

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Our Club Founded on 5-6-1955.

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