Our Services!

Our Services!

Educational Welfare Fund
CSC Club has been doing regular work to educate the financially weaker and specially the poor students. Then we providing various welfares. we are encourageing the merit grade students with the gift,honour and momentos.
Medical Welfare Fund
we are donating RS. 3000 for the poor people who are under go the Heart Surgery. Our club is contributing the amount for 25 people for an annual.we are Contributing Rs. 20000 for the Funeral expenses of our members.
Disaster Relief | Social Welfare
Our Club provide various Diaster Relief and Social Welfare Services for National Level. Then our club provide a National & Abroad the natural desastor the club members to donate every circumstances.

Our Club Donations

Prize Distributions

(To Sports activities on the occassion of Club Annual Day)

Prize Distributions to Top Scorers in +2

Republic day 2015

(Our President hosting the national flag on the occassion of Republic day Celebration)

Oct 2nd 2014 Gandhi Jayanthi

Former Office Bearers